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What are public records? Are they actually available to everyone?

Glad you asked. Typically, the answer is yes. Data, official documents and reports, are considered “Public Records” if they are readily available to the public. (Think for example, about finding someone's phone number by looking in the national phone directory)

Birth, Death, Marriage, Divorce and Criminal Records are also good examples of records that have all been made available for the public to access by The United States Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

Government records are the most common public records, but not all government records are available to the public depending on their specific regulations. Certain types of data they cannot release, store or distribute to the public.

Using Reverse Phone Lookups

A reverse phone lookup is a great way to help you learn more about the people calling you.

Are you constantly getting phone calls from unrecognized numbers? Did you just hire a new caretaker you know little about? What about that blind date your co-worker set you up on? These are all situations where reverse phone number lookups come in handy.

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Who can do these reverse phone number lookups? Can I?

Yes absolutely! Anyone can do reverse phone number lookups. While the ‘free’ sites you’ll see for reverse phone lookups seem great, it’s important to note a few things. For example, many free reverse phone lookup sites typically only include information on landline phone numbers. Which is great...if the number you need to lookup happens to be a landline...but most numbers are not. The reason these sites won't include cell numbers is that cell-networks generally have full control over their own numbers and will only provide access to those for a fee.

Free sites wouldn’t be free if they had to pay those fees, so they end up providing the same public numbers in their search results that anyone has access to. However, most of the time they still only show about 50% of that available data. Furthermore, free sites rarely include criminal background checks in their search results.

Thankfully free reverse phone number lookup sites are not the only options. The internet can be a vast, and great resource when searching public records, and with the above information you can find the best tools for your needs.

Additional helpful information

Reverse phone number lookup is a great tool when you need to:

  • Screen your calls
  • Avoid telemarketers
  • Identify unrecognized numbers without having to call back personally

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